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    Again document security and excel

    Claudio Consoli



      I have a report with a macro to export all the sheets to excel,  I've set the macro security to "Access to system" and now i want all the clients to have the fully granted access to system for that report.

      I'm experiencing the following problem : Everytime i open the report on a certain machine, it loads the default value of "safe macros" without prompting anything and thus the export for that report fails. If i use the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + M and change it to "Allow any macro" it changes only for the current session of the browser, but the next time i open the report in a new browser instance it gets the previous (wrong) default value.

      I can't figure out where that setting is stored and i can't find a way to set it always on the correct value of "Allow any macros".


      I tried this article already (on the server and on the client) :


      but it doesn't work for me, my server version is 10.


      Any help on this is really appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.