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    Scatter Plot drilldown behavior

    William Fu

      If I drill down in a scatter plot to the point where there is only one bubble/data point remaining, it automatically skips to the last field.


      For example, my dimension goes something like this: Business Unit -> Vendor -> Dealer -> Branch City

      If I end up with only one possible dealer after clicking in the vendor bubble, it skips directly to the branch city - I'd like to see the Dealer name, specially since I can't tell based on the branch city alone.


      Is there any way to change this setting?

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          Digvijay Singh

          I just verified this behavior, I think it doesn't make much sense just to skip to the next one if there is only one value. Even its bit confusing.

          Tagging Michael in case he has some details on this -



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              Michael Tarallo

              Hi Guys - yes we have seen this - and I have reported it - however this is default, engine behavior.


              Thanks for tagging me Digvijay!


              The workaround I've seen is to add a null value to each field to make sure you always have "more than one". Not ldea, but works for now.


              I will follow up with plu - to see what he thinks.


              Thanks for the question and your community involvement.


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              Mike T