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    Loading from SAP BW error

      Hello guys.


      We are loading master data information from SAP BW. The job that pulls the data on BW is getting canceled and the log of the jobs shows this:


      Job started

      Step 001 started (program /QTQVC/READ_DATA, variant &0000000005269, user ID SAPSQL)

      Fetch of Data is cancelled from QlikView

      Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE


      On the QV side the log for the qvw file is not as clear as I'd like to, the las line on the logs says:


      6/10/2011 2:15:08 AM:           81 fields found: (and the list of the fields)


      and nothing else. This is by far nothing descriptible, neither an error message or any other message that gives a clue where to look at.


      We are on QlikView Version:10.00.8935.7.


      Anyone has problems like this before?