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    Problem calculating measure in table

    Matthew Savage




      I am very new to Qlik and am doing some basic calculations and visualisations and trying to learn its limitations. I hope the below makes sense!


      I am trying to understand why I am only getting a volume impact figure in the row with a Buyer Cost of 1. In the table I have built.


      Buyer cost is set as my dimension and all the others set as measures




      Buyer Cost% Of Total Quotes Requested% Of Total Orders TakenVolume Impact


      he set analysis I am using is as follows


      1-(((sum([OT]) / sum(Total[OT])) / (sum([OQ]) / sum(Total[OQ]))) /


      (((((sum({<[Buyer Cost]={1}>} [OT]))) / ((sum(Total[OT]))))) / (((sum({<[Supplier Cost]={1}>} [OQ]))) / ((sum(Total[OQ]))))))


      My thinking is that it is not returning a value for the other rows as the Buyer Cost of 1 is not in this data. I was hoping the formula would calculate the bottom half of it independently but it appears this is not the case.


      I can calculate this easily in excel but my thinking was that in Qlik Sense would be easier to switch the data between different buyers using filters. We have a lot of buyers and In Excel we have to keep reloading data for each one


      Hope this makes sense and any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.