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    Multiple Access Points on one machine?

      Hello there!


      Is it really possible to set up multiple Access points on one machine?

      Users could access them through different URLs for instance.

      Is there a document on how to do so?


      We have QV 9 and 10, EE Server and Publisher.


      Thanks in advance!




        • Multiple Access Points on one machine?
          Dimitri Pietersz

          You could use QlikView Internal Webserver for Accesspoint #1 and use IIS for Accesspoint #2


          You will need to assign a different port number to IIS otherwise it won't work.


          How to use IIS as Accespoint is explained in the Reference manual.


          I'm curious... Why would you like this setup with 2 accesspoints?

            • Multiple Access Points on one machine?

              Thanks for helpin' me out!


              A customer asked about it.

              I think he wants to have one Accesspoint for test applications and one for production.

                • Multiple Access Points on one machine?
                  Dimitri Pietersz

                  Setting up 2 accesspoints won't do the trick. Both will show the same dashboards. You cannot limit what is seen on webserver level.


                  You can better make 2 folders on the server (e.g. Prod and Test).


                  By setting the correct permissions on the 2 folders you can give the correct visibility for a set of users.


                  I usally make two user/domain groups: QlikView Prod and QlikView Test.


                  I add these groups to the corresponding folder permissions. Make sure you delete inherritable rights and also the domain users account (otherwise it won't work).


                  Now you can add specific users to the correct groups. Depending on which groups a user belongs to, he/she will see the correct dashboards.


                  Don't know if this is what you are looking for. But maybe it helps.