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    Set analysis by field in other table

    Quy Nguyen

      Hi All,


      I have a simple application with below data model:


      I want to create a simple table show: EmployeeID and Sum(Amount) based on TradeDate selection.

      For each Employee: Sum of Amount should be calculated from Min(TradeDate) to Max(TradeDate) in selection, but if Min(TradeDate) < WorkInDate (the day employee starts to work), Sum of Amount should be calculated from WorkInDate to Max(TradeDate) and all the amount from Min(TradeDate) to WorkInDate should be remove from calculation.


      I used this expression but got wrong result:

      SUM({<TradeDate={">=$(=Date(Max(WorkInDate)))<=$(=Date(Max(TradeDate)))"} >}Amount)

      I also attach here qvf and data sample files. Please help me to solve it. Thank you.