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    Expression trouble

      I have an expression in my pivot chart   -   sum(if(date_received<=expected_date, qty_received))


      I tried putting this in my script rather than have the calculations eating memory in the pivot:




      if(date_received<=expected_date, qty_received) as itemsOnTime

      RESIDENT op;



      This loads correctly, however when the value "itemsOnTime" is in the pivot I'm getting a 0 value.


      But when the expression sum(if(date_received<=expected_date, qty_received)) is in the pivot I receive the corrrect calculation.


      Can anyone see anything wrong here? Thanks in advance...

        • Expression trouble
          Erich Shiino

          Are the numbers there when you put itemsonTime in a listbox?

          I guess you should use sum(itemsOnTime) as an expression in the pivot table.


          If it doesn't solve it , maybe you could share some data samples so the community can take a look