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    Shared persistence - streams visible on each rim node

    Michal Durica

      Qlik Sense November 2017 Multinode Cluster with Shared Persistence – centrally hosted database and fiel storage

      We have one central node and 3 rim nodes. Our aim is to see in hub just streams and apps which will be visible in one rim node.



      Load Balancing rule. There is defined NodeType = Analytics and StreamType = Analytics

      (node.@NodeType="Analytics"  and

      1. resource.stream.name!="Everyone" and
      2. resource.stream.name!="Monitoring apps" and

      ((resource.stream.@StreamType="Analytics") or resource.stream.name.Empty()))


      Expected result?

      In Hub we would like to see streams and apps which have custom property of node.

      Example I would like to see on rim node analytics just streams and apps with custom property analytics


      Actual result?

      We see all streams in each rim node, but apps are visible just for streams which have custom property of rim node