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    Share (%) of parent total

    Evgeniy Polovinkin

      Hello everyone!


      I'm new to Qlik Sense, and I faced a simple case which I can't resolve myself of using help or forum.

      I have normalized table showing [Sales] of each [Brand] over the time [Year_Quarter]. [Brands] are gripped into markets by additional column [Market]:



      The all I need is to create a Measure [Market Share] to show % share of each brand on its parent market total (see the yellow cells at the screenshot bellow).

      Desired _Result.jpg


      I can easy create it in Excel or Power Query, but I unable to make it right in Qlik Sense.

      The statements I'he already tried:

      1. sum(Sales)/Sum({$<Brand=>} Sales)
      2. sum(Sales)/sum({TOTAL<Brand> * $<Market>} Sales)
      3. sum(Sales)/sum({$<[Brand]= {*}>} Sales)
      4. some more variants that I have not marked...


      Can anybody help me with this?