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    Multi box filter expression help

      I have the following expression in a multi box in QlikView.  What I am trying to do is have my document filter so that if either TeamResponsible or ManagerResponsible is equal to "Client", display the record when "Client" is selected.  Otherwise, the record should display when "Us" is selected.



      =if(TeamResponsible <> 'Client' and ManagerResponsible <> 'Client', 'Us', 'Client')


      When I select "Us",  the document seems to be filtering correctly, and displays everything that does not have a value of "Client" for either the ManagerResponsible or TeamResponsible field.  When I select "Client", rather than "Us", it displays everything, rather than just those records that have a value of 'Client' for either the TeamResponsible or Manager Responsible fields.


      TeamResponsible and ManagerResponsible can either have a value of Client, Us, blank, or null.


      Should what I have be working, or do I need to take a different approach?


      Thank you.