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    NULL values type two

    Marc Lattemann

      Dear all,


      I have problems dealing with NULL values. As I figured out by the paper "NULL and Nothing" I am dealing with "Missing values of type two" (see page 5). On page 11 there is a way described to work with those NULL values, however I cannot find the setting which is described there: "Chart Properties -> Presentation -> Populate missing cells". Does the paper refers only to QlikView and not to QlikSense? If so, how to work with these kind of NULL values in QlikSense?


      So as an example I create a chart from two different tables



      IDFirst date


      First Date 1
      002First Date 2
      003First Date 3

      First Date 4



      IDSecond date
      001Second Date 1
      003Second Date 3


      When I create a Table chart out of them I got:

      IDFirst DateSecond Date
      001First Date 1Second Date 1
      002First Date 2-
      003First Date 3Second Date 3
      004First Date 4-


      However these missing cells are not detected by the isNull function (according to the paper: missing value type two) and e.g. cannot be marked with a specific background color.


      Is there a way to handle this type two NULL values?





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          pablo trevisan

          Hi Marc,


          try to in the chart properties select the dimension 'Second Date' and mark this option ' Suppress When Value Is Null'



          I hope it help's

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            Marc Lattemann

            Hi Pablo,

            thanks for your reply (sorry I was one week on vacation, therefore the delay...)


            This is not what I'm looking for. The resulting table is looking like below, when I'm choosing this option:

            IDFirst DateSecond Date
            001First Date 1Second Date 1
            003First Date 3Second Date 3


            I don't want to suppress those lines, but rather "work" with those empty fields. E.g. if date 2 is more than 30 days after date 1 then mark it red if it's still empty to indicate that action is needed.

            According to my cited paper these "missing" dates are not evaluated by qliksense and I cannot find this mentioned option "Populate missing cells".


            Kind Regards,