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    Difficulties plotting a line

    Franziska schuette

      Hi QlikView-People,



      i have a line chart.The dimenions is "product" and the functions are the dimensions "start period", "end period".

      I want to show for the dimension "product" the time duration on the market. I know the start and end of the duration (saved in the two dimensions "start period", "end period") for each "product" (dimension). For each product i want QlikView to draw a line, which starts in "start period" and ends in "end period". Unfortunatly i havent been able to figure out how to do this so far. The problem ist that the "start period" and "end period" are dimensions and if i plot them as lines a line is only drawn within the dimension "start period"/"end period" from product to product.

      To have an idea of the problem, here a screenshot of it :

      Does anybody have an idea how to fix that problem?



      Best regards