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    Identify what environment we are

    Brunello Menicucci

      Hello qlikers,

      I've a quick question for you laid on the beach!

      I'm using my QDF scripts in both Qlik Sense and Qlik View. The question is: how do I know, from a script perspective, which environment I am dealing with? This can be useful, for instance, during an automated "LOAD" of QVDs: if you are in QS, to identify the path of the file you have to use "/" while in QV you have to use "\".

      Any idea?

      Thanks a lot and have a nice summer time!


        • Re: Identify what environment we are
          Brunello Menicucci

          This is my actual script: it looks like I'm able to make it work on QS or QV but not both!


          LET QVD = '$(vG.LoadPath)';


          // Generate the Loop for each value in the LIST_OF_TABLES table

          FOR EACH vFileName IN filelist(QVD& '\*.qvd')


          IF NOT ISNULL('$(vG.HomeContainer)') THEN

          LET vFileBaseName=replace(subfield('$(vFileName)', '/', -1), '.qvd', '');


            LET vFileBaseName=replace(subfield('$(vFileName)', '\', -1), '.qvd', '');






          FROM $(vFileName) (qvd);  


          next vFileName