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    Document Trigger Select in Field on Hierarchy Path

    Bobby Flake

      All,  I have a dashboard where I'm trying to set up a document trigger to select the OSUser from the Hierarchy Resource Path column.


      My action is a Select in Field with the Field = to Resource Path and the Search String is =right(Lower(OSUser()),len(OSUser())-10)


      I lifted the Search String from a different dashboard and it doesn't work here.  How do I set up a Document Trigger to filter the dashboard based on the OSUser being included somewhere in the Hierarchy Resource Path?


      The Hierarchy script is below

      Hierarchy (PersonID, ParentID, Mbr_MUD_ID,,Mbr_MUD_ID,[Resource Path],'|',[Resource Depth])

      KEYUID as PersonID,
      KEYUID as Mbr_MUD_ID,
      ZZ_MANAGERUID as ParentID,
      ApplyMap('VSED_Mapping',ZZ_MANAGERUID)as Manager_Mbr_MUD_ID