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    QlikView and GoogleMaps

    Philipp Wesseling

      Hi all.


      I think, this question has been asked several times, but i cant get my QlikView application woking with GogleMaps.

      Can someone help me out ?


      I followed a simple tutorial, but my map is just not showing.

      Please see the attached file for details.

      Of course i am open for alternative solutions in case there is a more simple or straight forward approach.


      Thanks a lot for any suggestions.




        • QlikView and GoogleMaps



          You must convert the latitude and longitude in proper manner.


          Example for Conversion:


          Convert 102° 45' 54" to decimalform.

          Clearly, I've got 102°, but how do Iconvert the minutes and seconds to decimal form? By using the definitions anddoing the divisions. The 45' means 45/60 of a degree, since each degreecontains sixty minutes. Simplification and long division gives me 45/60 = 3/4 =0.75. So the 45' is 0.75°.

          Now I need to deal with the 54". Sinceeach minute is sixty seconds, then I get 54/60 = 9/10 = 0.9. But this isminutes. Now I need to convert the 0.9 of a minute to degrees:

          (0.9 minutes)(1 degree / 60 minutes) =0.015 degrees

          So 102° 45' 54" = 102° + 0.75° + 0.015° = 102.765°.


          Hope it helps u