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      We have cleaned up our QV Server, deleted old documents, and categorize the ones we want to keep through the following option:

      Documents > Document Information > Category


      However some old qlikview documents (physically deleted) remain referenced under the tab Status > Tasks, under the category [Default].

      Why? How to remove this reference?


      Thanks in advance,

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          Ashfaq Mohammed



          For the documents which appears on the server.

          try to create a empty qvw file in the same location as that of previous location.


          and now go to sourse document/users document depending onm the type of license you have.


          delete the task from there, and now delete the physical file.


          Now sure for that the tasks will be deleted from status tab.


          Hopefully will resolve your problem.




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              Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



              Elaborating a bit on what Ashfaq said, so far the only way you can get it done is creating an identical named file, and in the QlikView Enterprise Management Console going to the Documents tab, Reload task, and disable the task or set it to none and then click on Apply (Repeat for each task you want to delete).


              Then the tasks should have gone in the Status tab of the QEMC, and now you can delete the files.


              Take special care if those files had Document CALs assigned to them, since you can "miss" these licenses if you delete the file before unassigning them. If you need to recover them, the process is the same as above, recreating the file (no need to restore from a backup, just an empty file with the same, case sensitive name file) and deleting the assignments in the Document CALs tab of each document affected.


              Hope that helps.


              Miguel Angel Baeyens

              BI Consultant

              Comex Grupo Ibérica

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                This has not worked for me.  I recently shuffled a few folders around, and now most of my reports appear twice in QEMC | Status | Tasks.  For each pair, one is real, one is not.  Disabling the scheduled reload for the file removes the real entry from the Tasks list, but the ghost task remains.


                I can remove the scheduled reload for a ghost task via the Edit button, but this has no effect.


                Note that the two files in each pair show *exactly the same path*, so creating a new file wouldn't do anything: a file already exists!


                The Documents | User Documents tab does not have a "Delete document" button anywhere, or I'd start over (damn tedious, with the AJAX interface requiring two clicks and a "please wait" for every tiny action).


                Restarting the management service has had no effect.


                I found SourceDocument.xml buried in the QlikView installation folder; can I delete entries from here, or will that have side effects?


                Is there some pressing reason they can't put a "delete" button on the Tasks list?


                UPDATE: After a couple of hours of copying and deleting files, and enabling and disabling schedules, the ghost records disappeared from the Tasks list.  I have no idea why, I didn't try anything new, just repeated the existing ideas in different combinations.

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                    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                    Hi Jonathan,


                    I'd bet on one of either duplicated folders as Root and Mounted (or one mounted already existing in the filesystem within the root) or a task that has not been disabled before moving or deleting the actual file. Probably, when the issue happened, one of the documents of each pair appeared UPPERCASE in the QEMC, the other did not. The former is the "ghost" copy, the latter the actual file.


                    It applies for both tasks and licenses: prior to move or delete the file, disable the tasks and remove licenses, waiting for the quarantine period to pass. Then, move or delete the files.


                    Glad anyway you get it.



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                        I started with subfolders within the one-and-only QlikView documents folder.  Then, per Weed's helpful suggestions, I added two mounted folders and moved my intermediate files there.


                        Yes, I've seen several threads (now, too late) which mention how you must disable schedules before deleting files.  This is dangerous behavior, as it's not intuitivie and the fix is cumbersome and also not obvious.  I hope the powers that be consider changing it; all we need is a button to delete unneeded tasks.


                        In my case, none of the files appeared with the filenames shifted to upper case.

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                        Hi Jonathan,

                        Did you find an answer to the situation you described. Because right now I am facing the same issue.

                        Could you please provide me the solution that you might have applied.


                        Many thanks,

                        Bikash Debnath

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                      Thanks both, the solution works!


                      For the CALs, I find it terrible as deleted documents might not appear in the Status & Documents tabs... So how do we know how CALs are consumed in such way? Is there an alternative page for that?


                      In the QEMC, there is a tab Users > User Management, but i can't retrieve any user. I will give it some more try.