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    Trying to load missing data


      I am new to QlikView and I'm trying to create a QlikView document to store and manage data. I have several reports produced by the same program, but out of a list of about 30 fields the various reports may contain any 20 of these.


      The code I am using is:


      LOAD '$(varRunDate)' as RunDate,
        '$(varCompany)' as Company,
        '$(varProduct)' as Product,


      Store PolicyData into [C:\QlikView Data\PolicyData_$(varRunDate)_$(varCompany)_$(varProduct).qvd];


      LOAD * FROM
      [C:\QlikView Data\PolicyData_*.qvd]


      So I load in the new report, save it in a data folder, then load in all saved reports. As I load in all saved reports after every update I want all the data to be saved with identical columns, but some reports will contain GROSS_PROFIT and not NET_PROFIT, and vice versa. In reality there are more like 30 fields of which the report may contain any 20.


      When I first load in the report is there any way to give a field a default value of 0 if it is not present in the report?


      Thanks in advance for any help.