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    counting distinct based on 2 fields?

      Hi everyone,


      I am facing a problem in counting distinct numbers as I don't know the exact syntax. I have data that looks like:


      CandID  Date

      1.          2/6/10

      1.          2/6/10

      1.          2/6/10

      2           2/6/10

      3           3/6/10


      So as you can see candid is repeating for the same date. I want to use an expression, that could count distinct Candid , but if a candid is repeated 3 time (as in the above case) on a single date, it should count it as one.


      So, it should count 2 candid for the date 2/6/10 in the above example.


      so something like count (distinct CandID further based on distinct date)


      thanks. any repleis would be appreciated.