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    Need some help with set_expressions !!



      I'm quite new to QV so it might be a very simple question to answer for some of you...


      I have a chart (graph) with a dimension lets say Category and Date (MMM-YYYY). What I'm trying to do is limit the Date-selectionbox to 1 selectable value that represents 1 month of 1 year. The graph then needs to show the selected month compared with 3 previous months. As expression lets say I just want to count the A-values so something like Sum(if(Value='A',1,0)).


      I was trying to make this setup by using a set expression

           Sum( { 1 < Date={ " >=$(=AddMonths(Date,-3)) <$(=AddMonths(Date,1)) " } > } if(Value='A',1,0) )


      The Graph works for the date, it show only the period that I need. But when I make a subselection of Categories, it keeps showing the full result, so all possible Categories.


      I tried removing the leading 1 but that only shows the current selected month.


      Any Ideas ? Maybe the setup that I have in mind needs another approach...


      Thanks in advance !