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    Selecting data which are not in current user selection (another one)

      Hi all,


      I have another question and need help ...

      Please find attached my example qvw-file.

      You will find 2 tables which are connected by a unique ID.


      In my application I want to show

      1. in the green field: all VALID delivered impressions (result has to be 190)

      2. in the red/magenta field: all "INVALID" ("-3") impressions (result has to be 45).





      Please note:

      It is important to select 3 values from the SAP table:




      I think I have to use SET ANALYSIS for that - but I need help to do that because if I select the 3 values from the SAP table the "-3" items are not in the current global selection.


      Thanks a lot,


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          Jonathan Dienst



          I suspect that your data model (or the small sample) may be a problem. Only the %ext-id = 80001 is connected to your SAP table. That means that if any of the three values are selected, you are excluding %ext-id = -3. You can use this expression:


          =sum({<[%ext-id]  = {'-3'}, SAP_id=, SAP_month=, SAP_year=>}  DELIVERED_impressions)


          This ignores the selections that limit the model to 80001, but I suspect that is not what you want. The problem seems to be that the key field %ext-id is also what indicates the invalid impressions.


          Attached is your example updated.