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    Loading QVD with Header Row

      In brief, I have a text file with metadata and a text file with data. I want to load these into Qlikview, but don't see an elegant wizard to do such a thing. I've heard QV10 has metadata handling capabilities, but have not found them. Hence, my approach is as follows:


      I have created a QVD by Storing two Concatenated text files, the first is a single row with Field names and the second is the actual data (without field names). When I subsequently Load this QVD, there is no option to say this QVD has Embedded Labels (actually there is, but it is nonfunctional). The loaded data is then in the form of "@" Field names, with the first row being the header and the second row starting the data.


      As an aside, I can successfully Store the file into a text file and reload. But I'd rather Store a QVD so I can reload an Optimized QVD for faster processing.


      Has anybody else used this approach, or know anything about metadata handling?