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    pivot graph instead of pivot table

      Hi all,


      I have a diagram that displays several lines, one per supplier. In order to make my diagram future-proof (new suppliers do pop up) I want QlikView to calculate the list of series in a diagram: if the selection has three suppliers --> three lines.


      However I have not found any possibility to dynamically create elements in the Y-axis. When I create a dynamic label expression that then this does not result in QlikView creating a line for every resulting label, and when I add a dimension on the X-axis then I still have one line, but it tries to go through multiple datapoints for one X-coordinate, resulting in vertical movements on every X-axis point.


      Bars seems to handle adding a dimension better, but I really need lines, and on top of that the bars automatically stack.


      Essentialy what I am looking for is a pivot graph, analogous to the pivot table that does exist. Without it I have a fragile application with many similar expressions that I have to manually maintain.


      Anyone have an idea?