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    item interval

    Bikash Jain

      I 'm analysing a POS (Point of Sale data) for one of retail organisation. I have a column(Field) with Biil No and another colmun with item code. One bill can have multiple line items with respect to item purchased by customer.


      I wanted to create a bucket of items purchased like 0-10 , 11-20, 21-50 and so on.


      How do I create a field in the script which will contain no of items purchased against a bill.



                LOAD [ORG CD],

                num([BILL NO]) as [BILL NO],

         date([BILL DT],'DD/MM/YY') as [BILL DT],

                weekday([BILL DT]) as WK,

                Date(Monthstart([BILL DT]), 'MMM-YYYY') as M_Y,

                [ITM CD] as Item,



                [SELL PRICE],

                [OLD SELLPRICE],

                [NET VALUE],

                [VOID FLAG],

                [COUNTER NO]

      FROM C:\Retail\POS\QVD2\POS_DATA.qvd (qvd);


      I have attached a sample data file.

      I Look foward  to quick response.



      Bikash Jain