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    Custom value in header depending on value in lines

    Josetxo Josetxo Amonarriz



      I am reading a Quality Control table, it has a header with the QualityControl ID and several lines in other table:




          "No_" as ControlID

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM QualityControlHeader;


      left join LOAD

          LineOnTest,        //TRUE or FALSE        

          NumControl as ControlID;

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM QualityControlLines;


      I would like to add a field in the table (which is not in the data source): if all the lines for a ControlID are TRUE for the LineOnTest field, a new field in the Header (HeaderOnTest) has to be TRUE. If not, the value for this field needs to be FALSE.


      How can this be carried out? Thanks.