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    Problem with Set Analysis with a period of time

      Hello together,


      following problem occured:


      I have a database with approx.15.000.000 rows in which a turnover is included.


      Now I try to compare two years.

      The database begins in 02.01.2009 and ends yesterday.


      To get the sum of the turnover (Umsatz) of the actual year (Jahr) is quite simple:



      But to get the turnover of the last year in the same period of time drives me nuts ;-)

      I tried it with following function which is not working, because it pics only the actual month and is not starting at 01. January till yesterday one year ago.




      Does anyone has an idea how to do that?


      JARECDAT is always a day before the actual date (=yesterday)

      MONAT means month


      Thany you very much for your help.