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    List Box List Separator Question

      Hi everyone,


      I am stucked on the issue when I want to use Concat function to populate a drop down list box from a field in a table which contain comma.  Unfortunately, in my environment, the ListSep is set to ",".  Is there anyway to set ListSep to something else or escape the charater in the data?


      Many thanks in advance,


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          Goran Korsgren

          Hi Eric


          concat is not the right function for you to use.


          concat makes one record out of many records












          Load concat(Field1,' + ') As concatField

          Resident Table1;


          would give this in Table2:




          A + B + C


          what data do you have to start with



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            Hi Miguel, Kaushik & gg,


            Kaushik, you are right.  My mistake.  I have put List Box instead of Input Box.



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                Hi Miguel and Kaushik,


                Thanks for your suggestions.  I have changed the registry entry  to Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > International > sList = ";" and reboot my computer.


                The Document Support Information is now as follows:

                ListSep                            Doc=","(2C)       Sys=";"(3B)


                Change the input box properties



                Unfortunately, the input box is still not quite work.




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                    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                    Hi Eric,


                    The test we did in that post led us to the conclusion that the separator that works is the Doc one, not the Sys one. Meaning that if your Doc (local) sep is "," and mine is ";" I still will see your document fine, and viceversa, but when I create a new document, using "," will not work. So set the sList value to "," (or any other value) and make sure that the Control Panel is reading that info (in Windows 7 go to Control Panel, Regional and Language, Advanced, Number tab, Lists separator, and make sure that the dropdown selects the one you want to use.


                    Then using Concat() with that separator should work if that doesn't conflict with some other separator (in my case, Spanish list separator is ";" because the decimal separator is "," and might lead to confusion.


                    Hope that helps.


                    Miguel Angel Baeyens

                    BI Consultant

                    Comex Grupo Ibérica