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    'advanced' expression in a Gauge Chart

    Aissam Boumejjane

      Hi Guys,


      I'm still a newbie so forgive me for my ignorance.


      I used to have a expression for my gauge chart that would calculate the performance of shipments ontime:

      gauge expression:

      Count({<Status={OnTime}>} Destination) / Count ( {<Status= >} Destination)


      Since my data got a bit complex I had to remove the field "Status". Instead I would use an calculated dimension to see how many shipments are ontime or late.

      This would be my chart expression.

      =if(NetWorkDays(DEP,POD)<='LimitDays', 'OnTime', 'Late')


      This works fine on a bar chart as it shows me ontime and late shipments.


      I now want to messure the preformance, so I was wondering how can I translate the above gauge expression, without having a the status field?


      The expression should be something like this


      Count(Distinct Shipmentnumber that are ontime and divide them by all the shipments (ontime and late)


      Dont know how to translate that to qlikview language :S


      Thanks in advance