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    How to present data inside a Pivot Table?

      In the pivot table within the Qlikview application (TEst.qvw), how do I manage to


      1. Get rid of button within the Rollout column?

      2. Add conditional formatting to the LoginDate column where LoginDate is less than RolloutDate?

      3. Display the users/days which do not have logins within the specified period and the team? The intention is to display all the dates any of the users have logged in. If that specific user doesnt log in within that period, it should be displayed as red?

      4. Segregate the pivot table into different teams dynamically?

      5. How to sort them in an descending order for number of logins from top to bottom?

      6. How to setup auto-export to excel?


      The excel, and the qlikview application is attached.

        • How to present data inside a Pivot Table?
          Shay Cooper



          1) To get rid of + icons go into properties and on Presentation Tab select Always fully expanded option.2) If you click the plus icon on the dimensions tab you can see options to affect the Background color, Text color, and Text Format you can use a simple IF statment within here and the RGB() function to change colours etc. If you open User preferences and on the design tab select the Always show design menu items it will allow to right click on charts and Custom Format Cell which will give you further options than the usual options. 5) Righ click, Sort tab will allow to set which way you want items displayed, in our case something along the lines of Expression sort (count(Logins) this should be done of the Users  column. 6) This is already enabled if the user clicks the XL in the caption (top right). 3) Should be accomplished with IF statements as per question 2. 4) I am unsure what you mean you cna create groups on the dimensions tab and either drill down or cylce through them but unsure as what you actually require.