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    Default Listbox check


      I am trying to set a default selection to a checkbox. For example the list box has 3 values namely A,B and C. The default selection should be "A" preferable on load of the page. The user can check all the three values but cannot uncheck all the values. At least one value should be checked as a requirement.

      Thanks in Advance for all you suggestions and support

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          Angus Monro

          As regards setting A as your default try setting a 'Select In Field'

          action on your sheet, triggered on Active


          i.e. bring-up the sheet's properties, go to the Triggers tab, press Add

          Action for OnActiveSheet, add an action of type Selection/Select in

          Field, and specify the name of the field & value.


          I don't know of a way to stop the user from selecting none of the

          values.  But then, why would you want to, given that this implicitly

          means that all values are in view anyway?



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              Thanks !!!!  Solution A Works. I need to specify a default selection because the straight table is populated with a huge list of of records. I am planning to integrated pages.

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                  Jonathan Dienst



                  If no selection causes the table to take too long to render, then use onditional calculation to suppress the calculation of the table if nothing is selected.


                  On the chart properties tab for the table, enter


                  =GetSelectedCound(YourField) > 0 as the condition.


                  You can also change the error message from "Calculation condition unfulfilled" to a message of you choice by clicking the Error Messages button and overriding the default message with your own.


                  Hope that helps