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    Hierarchies..... with SAP BW

      Hello everyone.


      Im building an application and loading a hierarchy from an InfoObject.

      Im loading the following tables

      P for master data

      T for texts

      H for the hierarchy and

      RSTHIERNODE for the hierarchy group nodes.


      After a few joins to link the master data and texts Im using the sentece Hierarchy with the parameters NODEID, PARENTID, LEVEL. This expands the loaded hierarchy and until here everthing is fine where I'm stuck is on linking the hierarchy with the transational data.


      The expanded hierarchy generates N fields with the prefix name LEVEL and the level number, ie, LEVEL1, LEVEL2, and so on and each level has the description of the level.


      The problem I have is when I filter any value stored on the main table (the transaction data) the fields from the hierarchy become gray like if there's not data asociated with the hierarchy (obviously there is).


      So I dont know if anyone has ever worked on an scenario like this that can share some tips or tricks.


      thanks in advance.