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    Currency formats

      Hi everyone,

      I came across a problem that I don't know how to solve.

      I downloaded data and the amount looks like this:



      38,362 EUR
      39,398 EUR
      37,210 EUR
      37,210 EUR
      $ -1,939
      $ -2,332
      $ -541
      1,055,555 DKK
      508,908 DKK

      I would like to have a field with only amount and also additional field with currency, so that all lines look the same and it is easy to convert the amounts to diff. currencies..

      Amount                           Doc.Currency

      38,362                              EUR

      -1,939                               USD


      However, because curr. indicators are both at the beginning or at the back of the amount, I dont know how to handle this. Please help.