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    Multiple distinct total

      Morning All,


      it's too early and my brain isn't in gear yet so thought I was ask for some early morning help! I've attached some example data, what I am essentially trying to achieve is showing the distinct count of Network ID within a table but showing this total on every row for each Network ID.


      Any help would be appreciated





        • Multiple distinct total
          Dennis Hoogenboom

          Hi Joe,


          You can do this by setting your Account ID and your Network ID as Dimensions and using the following expression:


          Aggr(nodistinct  Count([Account ID]) , [Network ID])



          Good luck,


            • Re: Multiple distinct total

              Hi Dennis,


              thanks yea I thought some sort of Aggr would be needed and that does for the very simple example outlined, when I use it in my larger file it does present an issue though, the table that holds those two fields has i'm sure you imagine more fields and the Account ID can come in on more than one row. So when I used that Aggr I get a count of all of those AccountID's, I guess what I am after is a non distinct count for the chart itself but distinct within the overall table.


              Does that make any sense at all? Any ideas?