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    Read values from QVW into Excel

      I have created QVW document and now want to connect it to the existing management report pack in Excel. It is currently linked to TM1 and feeds data from it via DBRW formulas. I want to relink it to QV. I think I have two alternatives - export data from QVW to the reporting pack, say into auxiliary worksheets and then link into existing report templates or somehow write formula/VBA code that will return the value from QVW. I want to follow the second option and just don't how to approach the issue. I would appreciate simple guidance or advice in simple terms, may be like this:


      1. Create excel

      2. Open VBA editor

      3. ...



      I managed to find sample xls which reads all variables from QVW by Tim Benoit and not sure if it is possible to modify to return set analysis results.


      Thanks beforehand.