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    QVS GetTicket Credentials Problem

      Hi there,


      I am having problem to get ticket from QVS API when QVS and the client application that is not in the same machine. The client application is written in ASP.net.  Everything is working fine when both the ASP.net client application and QVS is in the same machine (windows 7).  The client application use CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials.  However, when I switch the URL to call our production QVS (windows 2008 RS and QVS 10).  I got a 401 error Unathorized exception.  Interesting thing is I also try to construct a same POST request in fiddler and submit the same request to our production server.  I can get the ticket without anything problem.  (but there are a few 401?!?!)




      I have checked IIS 7 the QvAjaxZfc virtual directory is using anonymous authentication.  The QVS is in DMS authorization mode. I have try Firefox.  I got a login dialog and fill in the server credentials with the following result.




      I wonder have I miss something.


      Many thanks in advance,