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    export image of sheet as jpg

    Bradley Shields

      I want to export an image of the dashboard page as a .jpg!

      I have written the following macro


      sub Image
      call Dashboard
      ActiveDocument.Sheets("Dashboard").ExportBitmapToFile "M:\QlikView\BESydney\Latest Dashboard.jpg"
      end sub

      I call the macro using onpostreload and all works well for a user initiated reload. If I change to OnOpen as the macro trigger the users using server cannot open the model.

      This model is however reloaded via a batch file using /r - this results in the image not being exported correctly - the image shows a greyed out image of where the objects are but not the actual guages.

      a /l reload works fine but leaves qlikview open and unsaved which is no good for me. the last line of my macro saves the document but it still does not save.

      I tried to use an extra line in the batch file to kill Qv.exe using taskkill /IM Qv.exe but the batch stalls because QlikView does not close using /l and thus the taskkill is never executed.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?