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    Calling webservice method out of Qlikview with macro

    Louwrie Terblanche



      I came across this threat by Rakesh Mehta  http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-1320 that describes and give a solution to what I want to achieve.


      I am uploading pdf reports out of Qlikview onto a FTP site where I host the reports(this work fine). But what I need to do is to call a method on the webserver through a webservice that will test if all reports were in fact uploaded successfully and return the names of all the reports that was uploaded.


      I went through his example but I get the same errors as the two persons who posted in his threat. Does anyone know why this macro get stuck at  “xmlhttp.send”   and  display “" Duplicate keys when loading Input Field"

      My security is set to allow system access. I am using Qlikview ver 10

      Would really like to get this example working.


      Your help is appreciated