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    QV8.5 v QV9


      I was wondering if anyone else has come across anything similar,

      In QV9 (development) I can use :-


      sum({< Cal_Date,Cal_Week,Cal_Year,Cal_WeekCount={">$(=max(Cal_WeekCount)-9) <=$(=max(Cal_WeekCount)-8)"}>} "Sales Qty")

      but in QV8.5 Server (live box) I have to use


      sum({< Cal_Date=,Cal_Week=,Cal_Year=,Cal_WeekCount={">$(=max(Cal_WeekCount)-9) <=$(=max(Cal_WeekCount)-8)"}>} "Sales Qty")


      Took me ages to work out what was wrong with the charts in 8.5

      I would appreciate it if you could post any similar items you have found or point me to post that contains some of the things I should be looking out for when we upgrade our main server.