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    Problem with calculated dimension


      I have a graph with following dimensions :

      IMSI and Timers

      and 1 expression named percentile :



      if(RowNo(TOTAL)>=IMSI_decile1 and RowNo(TOTAL)<IMSI_decile2,20,

      if(RowNo(TOTAL)>=IMSI_decile2 and RowNo(TOTAL)<IMSI_decile3,30,

      if(RowNo(TOTAL)>=IMSI_decile3 and RowNo(TOTAL)<IMSI_decile4,40,

      if(RowNo(TOTAL)>=IMSI_decile4 and RowNo(TOTAL)<IMSI_decile5,50,

      if(RowNo(TOTAL)>=IMSI_decile5 and RowNo(TOTAL)<IMSI_decile6,60,

      if(RowNo(TOTAL)>=IMSI_decile6 and RowNo(TOTAL)<IMSI_decile7,70,

      if(RowNo(TOTAL)>=IMSI_decile7 and RowNo(TOTAL)<IMSI_decile8,80,

      if(RowNo(TOTAL)>=IMSI_decile8 and RowNo(TOTAL)<IMSI_decile9,90,

      if(RowNo(TOTAL)>=IMSI_decile9 and RowNo(TOTAL)<IMSI_decile10,100)



      The variable IMSI_decile* are defined as follows :






      This works perfectly.


      Now I want to build another graph, with basically the same datas. I want to use the expression named "percentile" in previous graph as a dimension, and the expressions would be the average of the timers per percentile.

      But when I define percentile as a dimension, it doesn't work.


      Would anyone have an idea ? I'm quite new to QlikView and I don't really know how to solve this problem...


      Maybe a solution would be to create a graph based on the datas calculated with another graph (using some kind of references...), but is it possible to do that ?