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    NetWorkDays include Satursday

    Sokkorn Cheav

      Hi All,


      Please take a look below function

      networkdays( start:date, end_date {, holiday} )

      Returns the number of working days (Monday-Friday) between and including start_date and end_date.


      Actually the requirement is include Satursday as working day.

      So how can I get number of working days (Monday-Satursday) using networkdays function?


      Your suggestion is much appreciate.




        • NetWorkDays include Satursday



          If your requirement needs to include all saturadys then you can go this way


          1)Subtract the two dates...you will get number of days


          2) Week(date1)-Week(date2) ...this will give you the week difference

          Every week has one sunday


          3) From no of days subtract the week you will get number days without sunday.




            • NetWorkDays include Satursday
              Sokkorn Cheav

              Hi Yogesh,


              Thanks for reply. This one is work find if we don't think about public holiday.

              My requirement is count day exclude [Public Holiday] + [Sunday] from period.


              Let see example:



              In this period have 2 sunday(on 6 and 13) and 1 public holiday (on 10). So working day should be 11.


              Note: Public holiday is another one table seperate from above table.


              Any idea besides this?




                • NetWorkDays include Satursday



                  Firstly refer to my above post wherein you can calculate number of days excluding sunday.


                  Now to exclude public holiday here is the logic:


                  (Number of days) - (networkdays(date1,date2)-networkdays(date1,date2,holiday_list))


                  description is as follows: 

                  networkdays(date1,date2) : this will return number of workdays


                  networkdays(date1,date2,holiday_list) : this will returns number of actual days


                  (Total_Number_of_days) - (workdays-actualdays) = days excluding sunday and public holidays