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    Issues with Container in QV 11 SR1

      Hi All,


      Facing an issue with an object Container introduced in QLikview 11 SR1.

      I have 6 charts in a container Object having expressions containing  IF-ELSE conditions as below:


      if([Sales Level] = 'Region',sum(Regn_DetailCnt),

        if([Sales Level] = 'District', sum(Dist_DetailCnt),

        if([Sales Level] = 'Territory', sum(Terr_DetailCnt),sum(Natl_DetailCnt))))


      Expression is same in all the charts except the Metric.

      Issue: Whatever be the first chart in the Container, while opening the application first time, its not populating

      (Only blank container is there).

      The moment we click the Tab for the same chart, then chart populates.


      Hoping for solutions....!!!