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    Is it possible to measure performance per ObjectID



      I have been looking at the Sessions.log and the performance.log.

      It seems you can get a good overview of what is taking memory or CPU.

      But if you have a lot of reports (objects) within the application it is diffucult to know which reports it are CPU or memory intensive.


      I would like to examine the CPU and memory usage down to individual objects within an application.


      From looking in the above logs I can not see how this would be possible.


      Does anyone know if this is possbile?




        • Is it possible to measure performance per ObjectID

          Hi Martin,


          I don't think you can monitor CPU / memory usage on the server at object level (within a QVW; if anyone can, please tell me how!). On the other hand, you can dump a 'Memory Statistics' (and calculation time) file from the QlikView Local Client, and analyse this.



          1. Open your QVW file, click through all sheets, restore all minimized objects, and make some selections in your application (to make sure all expressions in all objects are calculated for some representative sets of data);
          2. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Document Properties', and on the 'General' tab click the 'Memory Statistics' button; save the .mem file in some useful place;
          3. Analyse the .mem file (tip: load it into QlikView ) to find the objects with high values for CalcTime / AvgCalcTime (or Size / Bytes if you want to optimize memory usage).
          4. Make changes to your QVW to improve calculation times / memory usage (but that's another subject altogether).


          Good luck!

          Martijn ter Schegget

          The Implementation Group