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    Differences when using IIS as a web server and  QVWS?

      Good morning,


      anyone can help me to know the differences when using IIS as a web server and  QVWS?




      João Paulo.

        • Differences when using IIS as a web server and  QVWS?

          There is no real difference between both, it depends of your server role.

          Sometimes you already use IIS on your server for others web sites or services requiring IIS.

          QVWS is only dedicated to QVS you can't do anything else

          • Differences when using IIS as a web server and  QVWS?

            Hi João Paulo,

            I think you need to use IIS if you have to take control of your system. You can set any part of IIS as you need and optimize it's performance.

            In server manual you can find these notes:

            - A Microsoft IIS-hosted web server is recommended, if:

              - More flexibility or more advanced tuning is required

              - The web server is to be used for other tasks than QlikView

              - An authorization scheme not available out-of-the-box is required





            • Differences when using IIS as a web server and  QVWS?



              Both QlikView Web Server and IIS will delive rthe same result in terms of QlikView functionality and here is no performance difference between the two. Typically it is external factors to QlikView that are the reason to choose IIS. These reasons may include the following:

              • The customer is more familiarand comfortable with IIS
                • Often QlikView is an extraservice that systems administrators have to look after and may not be QlikView experts. IIS is often a more familiar component
                • Some customer may mandate theuse of IIS
              • You want detailed logging ofweb activity or performance
                • While QlikView server logs sessions, QlikView Web Server does not log details on the hits on all of thepages and components, IIS can do this. This information can be used to monitor usage and errors
                • IIS includes a range of performance counters that can be used to monitor the performance of the webserver
              • You want to integrate with an IIS based SSO system or have more fine grained control over security of web content
                • QlikView web server includes arange of security options to support typical out of the box functionality. IIS supports these also but allows the use of common SSO ISAPI modules to integrate into SSO systems as well as other options for securing content.
              • The server is already hosting some content through IIS or you want to use mash-ups
                • The QlikView webserver cannot host .net content, if you want to host .net content alongside QlikView or use the QlikView workbench then IIS must be used to host this
              • SSL configuration is more straightforward
                • IIS has wizard driven SSL setup process


              Hope this helps

              • Re: Differences when using IIS as a web server and  QVWS?

                Hello to all


                One major difference we found in our implementations is that "QlikView for iOS v2.0" apple application for IOS7 is compatible only with the QVWS and NOT compatible with IIS




                Check this for yourself !!!