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    QV 11 - Object size changed


      I installed QV11 on my laptop.

      When opening documents I notice that all the objects have an incorrect size.

      For example in the application What's New in QV 11, the Current selection box size shows Width = 279, which is way too big for the background image that has been used.

      It seems the same with all the objects in any document that I open.


      My colleagues with same config (win7 - x64, upgrade from QV 10 after uninstall) do not have the issue.

      I tried to uninstall - reinstall but it remains the same.


      Does anyone else experience the same issue?

      Any idea how I could fix this?




        • QV 11 - Object size changed

          Issue has been fixed - or at least workaround - by the QlikTech support.


          On the Windows Desktop:

          - Right click - screen resolution, click on "Make text and other items larger or smaller".


          By default, the zoom on my laptop was 125%. Switched back to 100% the issue disapears in QlikView 11.

          It is still a bug related to QV11 since the issue was not there on QV10 but at least this workaround allows working...


          Hope this might help other people before the QlikTech dev team can solve the bug.