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    Informatica Connector--Installation issue

    Swapnil Joshi



      We are trying to install Informatica Connector. We have succefully completed installing it on the Unix Server.

      But when we are trying to install on client we are getting below error. As soon as we click "QlikViewInformatica9ConnectorClient.msi"



      "Make Sure Informatica is installed properly on the system,installation will abort, Please try later"


      Clicking ok I am getting pop up


      "The installer was interrupted   before QlikView Informatica-9 Connector client could be installed. You need to restart the installer to tra again later"


      Can some one please guid whats going wrong here.


      Also what are the prerequisites from the client point of view. does the QlikView client and Informatica client mandatorily installed on the system?


      Thanks for the help.!