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    Problem in Joining tables in QV

      Hi ,



                    I have some tables..........


         1) AppServer Table

                  --Server ID

                  --Appl ID these are columns


        2) Server Table

                --Server ID

               -- server name.........etc some other columns


        3) Software Tabke

                    -- server ID

                    --software name

                   -- software name....etc


        4) Apptech Table

                   --Appl ID

                   --Appl Name...etc



      like this i have some other tables using these tables i have created some charts and tables.


      From charts if i select server name it is updating with what all are the server softwares and application under that server and

      if  i select applname from any object charts should update with what all are the softwares using for that application and it should update with related servers but it is not updated with the related details. so please give me your suggestions.


      sorry due to some reasons am not able togive the sample file or data