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    Limiting selections and showing production schedule

      I have a QlikView I'm trying to design that gives the user the options from drop lists to select the date, plant, shifts and line.  This shows the production schedule for that day in a table.    I am wanting to allow people to selection off the production schedule, but I want to limit that choice to only one production order at a time, but after making the choice all the other choices remain so the user can see what they still need to do.  Also I don't want them to be able to select multiple orders as this selection is going to generate information on a variety of other charts and/or tables based on the selection.  If multiple production orders are selected, I get a mixture of data on the other tables and charts.


      Hope this makes sense and someone has some ideas for me.



        • Limiting selections and showing production schedule
          Wim Geeraerts

          In case that the production order is known (and people do not have to search for it through other selections) you could create a selection field / list box of the orders and set the properties of this object to 'Always One Selected Value' (Tab General). Please note that you should select one order first in this selection field/list box in order to enable this option.


          An other way is to add a calculation condition in the objects itself. (chart properties - calculation condition), fi "count (distinct Order) = 1". This way the object will only be calculated when 1 order is selected, and an error message will be dislayed when more orders are selected.


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