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    average value of a month calculated through values from last 3 months

    Christoph Schnauder
      hi community,
      maybe someone can help me?
      the average value of a month is calculated thru its last 3 months values, depending on different machine id's and selected years.

      with the accumulation 3 steps back and the division by 3 in the expression, i get the right values for months greater february (2011 is selected). for the correct values in january and february i would need values from december and november 2010. the dimension of the chart should be month.

      how can i solve this problem?
      i have tried various setanalysis expressions, but i couldnt find the right solution. i also thought on precalculating the values in script, but found no solution.
      the selection of a machine id or a year should be possible.
      t hanks for every help.
      ciao christoph