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    Gauge in straight table disappears when batch print PDF job run by logged off user

    Lennart Frimannslund

      Hello there!

      I am generating PDF files in batch mode using macros, specifically printing a particular sheet with the command ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet.Print and PDF X-Change 3.0 as the driver. The batch job itself calls Qv.exe (10SR3), and uses the OnOpen trigger.


      Now, the funny thing is that if I run this task when I am logged on, everything works fine. If I am logged off it still runs and the PDF gets created, but all the mini gauge butterfly charts in my straight tables disappear, with only the background showing.



      Has anyone here had the same problem? (You might say "use another printer driver", but which one? Not necessarily Bullzip, that one gives the error message "...PrinterName property must be set before .." )


      Or, is this corrected in SR4 with one of these two fixes?



      Developer - Gauge Chart expression not always calculated



      Printing a Gauge Chart in a report doesn't work, only part of the object shows


      My software is: QV 10SR3, running on Windows 2008 R2, with PDF-XChange 3.0.