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    Pivot table Expression only to be shown for total

      Hi all,

      I have the following question:

      I have a pivot table with 2 dimensions and several expressions. I have 1 dimension vertically and 1 dimension horizontally with totals on the left.

      From these expressions, there is only one that is relevant for the horizontal dimension, so I would like to "disbale" this expression for that dimension, but I do want these expressions in de totals column.

      Is there a way to realize such a Table?


      Thx in advance,


        • Pivot table Expression only to be shown for total
          Neil Miller

          You should look into the Dimensionality() function. In a pivot table, the total line should have dimensionality() = 0, while your other lines should be 1 or greater.

          So, use something like:

          =if(Dimensionality() = 0, TotalExpression, Null)

          I'm not sure if this will actually allow you to hide the extra expression. I have used it to display a different expression in the total line, but I always had the same number of expressions in the body and totals. I tried this on a quick test and the results were all null, but the line still showed up.