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    QVS Migration from 8.20 to 10

    Cesar Accardi

      Hello Everybody, I searched the forum and I didn't find anything about it. Is it possible to migrate straight to version 10? What am I supposed to do? Please I need some guidelines... Thanks in advance.

        • QVS Migration from 8.20 to 10


          see below some information

          Upgrading from previous QlikView versions

          QlikView Desktop upgrade

          To upgrade, previous versions of QlikView first should be uninstalled. Once this has been done, the installation of QlikView Desktop should run seamlessly and use the settings from the earlier version.

          QlikView Server upgrade

          From QlikView 8

           The QlikView Publisher database from a QlikView 8.5 cannot be used for QlikView 10, unless the upgrade tool delivered with QlikView 9 is used.

          From QlikView 9

           When having IIS and updating from Version 9 to Version 10 the QlikView virtual fol-ders (QlikView, QVAnalyzer, QVAjaxZfc, QVClients, QvPlugin, QVJava and QVPlugin) must either be manually deleted after un-installation or changed to point to the new folders (QlikView, QlikViewDesktop, QVAjaxZfc, QvClients and QvPlugin) after the upgrade is done.

          If there is no Publisher license (only a QlikView Server license) and reload tasks have been set up, a manual step is required.

          1. After installation, start all QlikView services.

          2. Go to the systems tab and select the QlikView Server.

          3. Go to the General tab for the QlikView Server

          4. Under the heading "Migrate Schedules" you will find a button to migrate the schedules. Note that this will only appear if you have any tasks to migrate and if the Management Service has connection to the QlikView Distribution Service.

          To avoid that the uninstall of version 9 removes the .config files, please make a back-up copy of the ones you have modified manually. The most common one is QlikView Distribution Service.exe.config.

          After an upgrade, the supervision accounts needs to be added in the QEMC again.

          When upgrading from version 9 to version 10 you should restart the [physical] server after the upgrade.

          Make sure that you delete temporary Internet files on the computer where you run QEMC/QMC after the upgrade.

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              Cesar Accardi


              Thanks for the quick response, although I still have a few questions:

              I don't have a Publisher License and the installation will be done in another machine. What about the documents, I'll need some kind of conversion?

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                  Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                  Hi Cesar,


                  There are some different scenarios here. If you don't have reload tasks (not the Publisher ones but the Server ones), or if you don't mind creating them again, or you don't have Document CALs, you can uninstall the old version and install the new one, placing the QVW files in the root folder as specified in the QlikView Enterprise Management Console and that will work fine.


                  QVW files generated with QlikView 8 should work just fine with version 10. You don't need a Server to clarify this extent, just the Desktop version. Note that some macros might not work because they are now deprecated or obsolete. Charts should show all right.


                  Hope that helps.



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                I guess you will just update your documents and you do not need to update your server.
                For documents, you can just open the applications in the new version of QlikView client, and reload the data record. Often there will be not a problem.
                but as a precaution, back up my document

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                  Cesar Accardi

                  Thanks Miguel and syukyoZHU. I think the macros will be the bigger problem right now, I'll do as you said... update the QVW using the Desktop client and test the functionality in the new server...